2nd Grade Math Learning Games - Addition and Subtraction Facts by StudyPad, Inc.

Is your child having trouble learning Math? Well, adding some form of play to the subject should do the trick! Get the 2nd Grade Math Learning Games and watch your child grow to love Math. This game is unlike many others where children play solely for fun as it can combine education and entertainment. Your kid will learn to love the subject without knowing it, and you should see a positive change in their arithmetic skills in no time.

This game is suitable for children all over the world who are in the second grade going up.

What’s great about it?

It features tons of games, adding up to over fifty creative ways to shape the young mind. The games feature exciting pictures which are great for visual aids in learning. So, what can your child do with this App?


One of the fundamental operations in Math is 'addition' for, without it, your child cannot get BODMAS right. There are different levels of 'addition' so your kid will get to start with the most basic sums of one plus nine and the sort.

Once they get the hang of things, you can move them up to a higher level where they deal with numbers in tens then hundreds. The pictures featured in the game are sure to keep them motivated to keep playing as they will feel that it is more of a game than it is homework.


Another critical feature of BODMAS is subtraction, and without this essential skill, your child will find it hard to make it in the other grades. With the help of illustrations, your child will thoroughly enjoy learning how to subtract. Examples, such as what happens if you have five oranges and you give one away are shown to help your kid better understand the concept of subtraction. The visual aids are great for this basic operation.


Do you see how excited your kid gets once they come across pizzas and building blocks? Well, these fabulous items are used to teach them about fractions. Trust me; your kid will be itching to get their hands on the portions based on the pictures, and with time, they will get the idea of fractions.


Your child also gets to learn how to count the number of items in a place with ease. Very soon, they will be tallying the number of cars, shops, trees; you name it.

Coin Math

How does money work? Not many second graders are aware of the value of money, and they get to understand how many cents make a dollar and so on. The game features various currencies so that your kid can have more exposure to the world of money.


Squares, polygons, how many sides do these have? Well, your child will soon be able to point out how many there are with the help of this App. This feature is an excellent foundation for when they get to draw these shapes; they will know what they are doing.


Weeks, months, years, how these periods relate is essential for your child. If a child does not acquire adequate knowledge on time, they will be struggling to tell the time in future which can be very frustrating for them.

The operations covered in this App are in line with the standards of second grade Math.



The games are simple to ensure that your child does not get de-motivated.  Don't worry though - they are challenging enough to ensure that your child progresses while building their confidence.

Progress Tracking

You get to see just how far your kid has come ever since they started playing so that you can take note of plateau phases and peaks.

Unlimited Play

Play as much as you wish given that this game has endless gaming opportunities. Education has no limit.


It works on both smartphones and PCs.

Help your child play their way to impressive arithmetic skills by getting hold of this App today.