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Zoosk - #1 Dating App by Zoosk, Inc.

Dating is a complicated and challenging thing to go through as it is. But that's where dating apps come in, and there's one in particular that can make dating a lot easier and loads more fun. That app is Zoosk - #1 dating app.


5 Minute Clinical Consult - with Exclusive Bonus Features by Unbound Medicine, Inc.

Being sick both costly and painful. Luckily, with 5 Medical Clinical Consult, you can skip all those long lines at the hospital and get your diagnosis from the comfort of your home.


2nd Grade Math Learning Games - Addition and Subtraction Facts by StudyPad, Inc.

Is your child having trouble learning Math? Well, adding some form of play to the subject should do the trick! Get the 2nd Grade Math Learning Games and watch your child grow to love Math.


3rd Grade Math Games for Kids - Multiplication Facts & Tables by StudyPad, Inc.

It is time children viewed Math as a fun and engaging activity, and with this app, it is possible. The events featured in the app aim at ensuring that children get a boost in confidence in their math skills.


Timeshare+ by Verosocial Studio

The Timeshare+ is an excellent app for calculating and managing your income.