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3rd Grade Math Games for Kids - Multiplication Facts & Tables by StudyPad, Inc.

It is time children viewed Math as a fun and engaging activity, and with this app, it is possible. The events featured in the app aim at ensuring that children get a boost in confidence in their math skills.


Timeshare+ by Verosocial Studio

The Timeshare+ is an excellent app for calculating and managing your income.


Blood Pressure Companion Pro - BP & Heart Rate Logger

Blood Pressure Companion Pro is a fantastic iOS app for anybody who wants to keep track of their blood pressure. It has been designed to help you live a healthy life, and absolutely easily so.


djay 2 - The Award-Winning DJ App by Algoriddim GmbH

djay 2 is the leading mobile app in its domain. With hundreds of thousands downloads, djay 2 has earned high reputation among its users and media. Today we're presenting djay 2 app review and feature list.


Baby Monitor 3G - For You and Your Baby

Welcome to Baby Monitor 3G, designed to ease your stress and worry about leaving your baby behind, in someone else’s care while you go about your duties.


App Store Optimization - Your Way to Improve User Acquisition

ASO is a set of activities directed at improving app’s visibility in the store, its’ discoverability in search results and ranking. In simple words – it’s what we do to make our apps easier to find and compelling to download.


User Acquisition - Do or Die. User Segmentation

App stores have become immensely crowded. To be able to stay afloat an app needs to be discoverable and engaging, in its own unique way. It’s a long way to go that starts with basic strategy and user segmentation.