3rd Grade Math Games for Kids - Multiplication Facts & Tables by StudyPad, Inc.

It is time children viewed Math as a fun and engaging activity, and with this app, it is possible. The events featured in the app aim at ensuring that children get a boost in confidence in their math skills as they figure out ways to get better scores.

The subjects covered are extensive, and they get designed as per the third-grade curriculum ensuring that your child will not miss out on the necessary skills of this stage. The concepts get delivered to children by the use of steadily paced techniques that allow them to practice at their levels. There is no rush to understand the concepts, but a lot of gifts await the children at the end of lessons in the form of rewards and bonuses.

The engaging nature of the app will enable your child to change their attitude towards math for the better. The practices are adaptive to your child’s learning abilities.

Why get the app?


This app has received numerous awards in various categories owing to its ability to pass on relevant information to children. Such groups include training, education, and reference. Each concept involves a different game which ensures that children do not get bored in between game plays and that they stay hooked on the games.



In the game, there are lots of practice programs which are designed to match the skills of your child. As such, the exercises will start off with the basics and slowly build up to more complex concepts. Your child can take as much time as is necessary until they finally understand how it works. There are tests at the end of each concept to help them build a strong foundation in math. If your child is a fast learner, they can quickly progress to the complex ideas within a short period. The app operates in a manner that is friendly to your child’s learning abilities.


Once a child goes wrong in a mathematical expression or gets the wrong answer, the app will provide a detailed solution as to why their answer was wrong. As such, your child can figure out what they did wrong and redo the item till they get it right.

Rough work

You do not need to get an extra book where your child can jot down what is on their mind because the app provides a pad for this purpose. Your kid can use the pad for other workings before submitting their answers for marking.


Children do better at learning if they know that there is a reward at the end of it. There are various rewards in store for your child when they complete lessons as well as extra games. Having such bonuses at the end of practices ensures that your child is enthusiastic about learning.


You can take a look at how well your child is doing by going to the dashboard. Here you will find their scores, and you can tell whether they are doing better on the subject or they need to practice some more. You can consider this to be a school report.

A range of topics

Your child will get to understand concepts such as place values, addition, number senses, subtraction, fractions, multiplication, division, money, decimals, geometry and time amongst other necessary math skills.

Amazing gameplay

The app is not all about work, but it is also about having fun. The games featured here have impressive graphics and sounds that will prove entertaining to your child.