5 Minute Clinical Consult - with Exclusive Bonus Features by Unbound Medicine, Inc.

Being sick can be frustrating both in terms of costs as well as the suffering that you are bound to undergo. Luckily, with 5 Medical Clinical Consult, you can skip all those long lines at the hospital and get your diagnosis from the comfort of your home. There are various packages availed to you, all beneficial to the good of your health. You no longer have to suffer symptoms as you worry about your insurance coverage.

Packages in Store for You

Free Preview

One of the conveniences of this App is that you are in a position to get free services. You can get information on some of the topics. For instance, if you are suffering a headache and you wish to know what it could be, you get a list of diseases which you could be having as well as their treatments.

You also get to have some information on prevention. The thing about this preview though is that you will only get information on a selected number of diseases so for more information, go ahead and get the full version. It’s worth it.

The 5-Minute Clinical Consult

This App gets updated every few months to bring in more features from which you can benefit. You can get your symptoms diagnosed and treated. Once you have taken the drugs prescribed to you, a follow-up session is provided in the App to make sure that you are feeling better. It is an entire clinic on your phone.

The incredible thing about this App is that it features hundreds of diseases, so unless you have a very complicated disease, the Clinical Consult has got you covered. There is a reference page where you can look up different types of conditions by symptom. Once you find the disease you are looking for, you can read all about it without the need to connect to the Internet.

Bonus Content

You get to have over two hundred pediatric diseases covered which is great as you can look up your child’s symptoms and figure out what to do.

What’s Great about This App?

Hundreds of Topics

With a library that stretches to hundreds of diseases, many of the most common ones get covered in the App which allows you to find what you want, fast and quick. The search system allows you to look up diseases either by name or by symptoms so that if you don't know the name of the ailment, its signs will guide you home.


The App has over one hundred algorithms which are used to figure out what you are suffering from. The use of such a large number of algorithms ensures that the App gives the correct diagnosis. All you have to do is fill in all your symptoms, and the App will do the rest, very much like a doctor.


The diseases featured in the Clinical Consult get well researched, and as such, when you come upon a page, you can go through its records and highlights which will leave you feeling knowledgeable about the ailment.


Skin conditions are hard to treat, but with this App, you get to view images of the different skin ailments which you can compare to what you have. This feature enables the App to prescribe the right kind of medication for your symptoms.


Once you've read an entry which is related to another piece you could be interested in, you can find a crosslink which will make the navigation process more user-friendly.


If you like an entry and wish to refer to it in future, you can bookmark it and be able to view it whenever you want.

Powered by Unbound Medicine, the app busts the myth that medical treatments are bound to be costly.