Baby Monitor 3G - For You and Your Baby


Are you a young mother who is just getting back to work, after the maternity leave break. You're used to spending every minute of day and night with your newborn, but now you have to wait for hours before you can see them or even hear them make a sound.

It's normal to be worried about leaving the infant in the care of someone else and having to go for hours without any form of contact or first-hand access to how they are fairing on.

Imagine not having to rush in every time just to see if the little one has woken up while they are alone or if they are restless. Think about the luxury of just looking at your gadget and seeing how your baby is doing. Think of that alarm that will alert you to your bundle of joy waking up.

Well, welcome to Baby Monitor 3G, designed to ease your stress and worry about leaving your baby behind, in someone else’s care while you go about your duties. This application allows you not only to monitor your toddler’s sleeping pattern but also watch them remotely wherever you are. Baby Monitor 3G checks and records your baby's every movement, turn and even stretch.


Baby Monitor 3G is easy to set up and use. No hustle about connecting it or fixing it for you. Just take two gadgets, connect them via the internet and you are good to go.

Baby Monitor 3G keeps you up-to-date with any movement or noise your child makes through a live-feed video. It will also keep an updated record of activities of your young one. It is not hindered by physical distance thus whether miles away or just meters away, you still get to monitor your baby’s activities. Importantly, it has the option of adding the desired lullabies that will soothe your little angel back to sleep and calm their down, and even a two-way audio transmission allowing you to speak to your baby.

It works with all gadgets, from a mobile phone to a tablet, and even your computer. This app will allow you to monitor your baby's steps, movements wherever you are, ensuring you don’t miss a minute of your baby progress. All that is needed are two gadgets, one in your custody and the one in your baby’s room and takes less than a minute to connect and have it up and running. 


·       Live video streaming regardless of the distance between you and your baby.

·       An interactive feature that allows you to talk or video chat with your child, giving them the calm feeling of seeing their mother or father.

·       Lullabies that allow you to soothe the little angel back to sleep by playing them their favorite songs. Calm their restlessness when they hear their favorite lullabies that you can easily import from your music gallery.

·       It can be personalized; you can fully customize the app and name it after your child. In turn, it will appear differently based on the gender of your child.

·       Unlimited reach: as long as both devices are connected to the internet, you will enjoy Baby Monitor 3G services regardless your location and distance between you and your baby.

User Interface

Bearing in mind how easy it is to set up Baby Monitor 3G, using it is even easier. Turn two gadgets on and ensure there is an internet connection.

You can easily see what your child is up to, or move to the activity log to see what they have been up to previously. Better still, add music to soothe them back to sleep when they wake up. The app has night mode feature, meaning you can check on your child without any distraction and get to watch a video or photos of how they're doing.