Blood Pressure Companion Pro - BP & Heart Rate Logger


Have you ever encountered the adverse outcomes of high blood pressure levels? Or maybe you've witnessed this happen to someone you care about? Then you already know how critical it is to take care of your blood pressure in order to live a full life.

Habitual tracking and recording your blood pressure is essential. For people prone to high blood pressure, this typically means determining and recording their blood pressure rates at least twice daily. In order to make it your daily habit, the process should as effortless as possible. One great way to achieve it is by using the Blood Pressure Companion.


The Blood Pressure Companion makes sure that you can record a measured blood pressure rate quickly with minimal effort. The app also shows you the previously measured results or if you prefer, the average of your measurements to date. The app offers in-depth information regarding the blood pressure monitor you’re using or the body position at the time of the measurement. It records your vitals and displays them in a variety of distinct statistics

With Bood Pressure Companion you can export your measurements to CSV, HTML or PDF formats to email them to your doctor or for your personal offline use. You can even choose to make information public or share it with certain friends or relatives. With this app, it is easy to track your blood pressure data history and generate detailed reports progressively. You can filter and display your measurement data by day, week, or each thirty-day period.

Blood Pressure Companion Pro is an excellent app for organizing and storing your blood test results.


  • ‍Immediately record your blood pressure rates, graphical interpretation and thus a variety of statistics.
  • Export your blood pressure data files and details to CSV, HTML or PDF format.
  • Make your data public or shared with a selected number of people.
  • Conveniently input, modify and create notes to your blood pressure data.  
  • Personalize the color line-up within the app.
  • Protect your app with a password to protect your data.
  • Make use of Internet-based storage solutions.

Blood Pressure Companion Pro is a fantastic app for anybody who wants to keep track of their blood pressure. It has been designed to help you live a healthy life, and absolutely easily so. The ease of data input and the ability to share this information with your friends and relatives makes Blood Pressure Companion Pro your best ally in keeping your health in check.